It’s time to let out the natural explorer deep down in your heart! EcoFloats are an opportunity for families, visitors and corporate team-builders to participate in something completely different. Not at the golf course, not at the mall and definitely not video games in the basement. Without even leaving the city, you can safely, easily and comfortably explore a part of nature you might not have known existed so close to home. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides would love to make a special day for you!


Our award-winning education programs have been a go-to resource for Alberta secondary science classes since 1995. With an amazing focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), students explore their local river ecosystem aboard rafts equipped as mobile water quality laboratories. A day of rafting takes the student classroom into the real-world to experience an interesting mix of ecology, wildlife, history, geology, engineering, technology, industry, water quality monitoring and data collection. Our programs showcase science in ways that students have never seen before and created an experience they’ll never forget! Over the years, more than 150,000 students have adventured out with us to become young scientists for the day. And now, hopefully, you can be a part of this big adventure as well!


Are you looking for a great opportunity to get involved with an environmental monitoring program right in your community? CreekWatch connects active citizens with the science and stewardship relevant to their local natural areas and stormwater creeks. Since 2014, adult volunteers have trained in the use of portable water quality labs to help collect water quality data answering the question “How healthy are our creeks?” Data collection can be done in an hour at any time convenient with family or friends, and site visits can even be shared on a rotating schedule among at-the-office colleagues. And for those really keen volunteers, we arrange fun group events that involve rolling up everyone’s sleeves to do tree plantings, invasive plant removals and shoreline clean-ups. If you see an opportunity for you, your family, your neighbourhood or your workplace to create some camaraderie, fun and make a difference, we’d like to hear from you!