There’s something new for everyone who explores with us! River Ambassador Public EcoFloats is a great way for friends, colleagues, families and visitors to see the river and shoreline sights. You can leave all the equipment and route details to our knowledgeable guides who help everyone feel welcome, comfortable and have some fun. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received…

  • Thank you for providing this excellent program – I hope many Calgarians have the opportunity.
  • The river float was VERY informative and our guide was fantastic – definitely need more programs like this to educate people about our environment.
  • This was an excellent day on the river. Our guide was excellent – interesting and fun! We had a great time, learned a lot and have a greater appreciation of the Bow River.
  • It was a great day. I consider myself relatively knowledgeable about rivers and the Bow specifically, but I learned lots of new things. Our guide was really great.
  • It was a great day with a great guide. I hope the opportunity continues as many friends wanted to participate but were unable because of space limitations. It is important to see Calgary and the Bow from the perspective offered by the program.
  • Great program! My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we learned quite a bit.
  • Excellent event, informative, well organized, professional – thanks a lot for all of your efforts to raise our awareness of protecting the bio system along the Bow River.
  • I appreciated the offering of this opportunity for both myself and also I am appreciative because I hope it makes a few others understand a bit more about our water, river and riverbank areas.
  • I absolutely loved it! And so did my family!! In fact, one day I went with my two daughters, my sister and niece. The next day I did it again with my youngest daughter (again) and my son and his girlfriend. It was a wonderful experience for all 
of us! Thank you!!!!
  • Hello, we enjoyed the trip and it is one highlight of our summer activities! The trip is fulfilled with learning opportunities, fun, exploration.
  • It was a fantastic day… everything out of the guide’s mouth was news to me.
  • We really enjoyed the experience, and so did our 8-year-old granddaughter. Our guide was very knowledgeable and likeable too. I especially enjoyed the discovery that this 75-year-old can still paddle with no issues and even help lug the dinghy up the slope at the end of the trip! I would recommend this eco-float to anyone.