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**Status Update – 2022 Summer Eco Floats**

Our 2022 summer Eco Float schedule and bookings for Edmonton and Calgary are now complete for the season. Thank you for your support! Please join our waiting list below for ADVANCE notifications on any openings we may have for September and our 2023 season!

About RiverWatch Eco Floats

Back by popular demand, this is an exceptional opportunity and a great way to get outdoors and experience the city from the river! Our experienced river guides will take you on personalized raft tours through Edmonton and Calgary for selected dates from May through September. Our Eco-Tour adventures are fun and engaging team-building experiences for corporate groups. Perfectly suited for private groups and families, our river guides will ensure that special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries on the water will be a memory you’ll never forget. On the float, our official RiverWatch Guides will provide a fully immersive interpretive experience to help participants gain new insights and appreciation for our rivers’ history, culture, bio-diversity and stewardship. RiverWatch EcoFloats will increase your understanding of local waterways and personal actions that protect and manage water quality. Everyone will finish the day more connected to nature.

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    We’ll greet you at our put-in point and make the next three hours a great guided adventure for you. Leave everything to us, including a shuttle ride back to your vehicle!

    All in all, this isn’t a strenuous day, but able bodied sailors are a definite asset. The first part of your adventure is a walk through the park to the river edge, followed by the teamwork of raft paddling. Those that can at the end of the trip will help carry and load your raft.

    Rest assured, our certified raft guides are there to help you navigate all the obstacles and safety concerns of an urban river float trip. Once booked, we’ll provide you with a more detailed Acknowledgement of Risk.

    Dress for the weather and wear footwear that can get wet.

    We have lifejackets for ages 12 and older.

    Dress for the weather and as long as it’s not snowing, raining or blowing hard, we’ll make a great experience for you.

    It’s a lot of fun realizing that your city looks completely different from a river viewpoint, and while we can’t guarantee that wildlife will appear, there’s always a good chance of seeing a variety of birds. If it’s your lucky day, you’ll spot eagles, deer, mink, beaver and more.

    If weather or river flow rates are not ideal, or if registration is too great or too low, we’ll let you know other options by email.